El Paso, TX

If you drive in West El Paso, your commute could be changing.

Beginning on Sunday, June 10, 2016, Paisano Drive (US 85) will be closed between Sunland Park Drive and Executive Center Boulevard. The closure, which is part of the Border West Expressway Project, will be in place thru winter of 2017.

This closure leaves Mesa Street as one of the only alternates to Interstate 10 which is also under construction in this area.

We all know that Mesa Street was busy before this project began and it’s only  gotten busier as drivers try to avoid work on the Go 10 project nearby. By downloading the Metropia app now and joining our Pioneer Program, you’ll have access to real-time traffic information generated by other Metropia users. That will help you plan the least congested route to where you’re going.

Using the least congested route not only saves you time, but it makes you part of the traffic solution.

Click here to learn more about the Border West Expressway Project.

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