Tucson, AZ

With 2015 coming quickly to a close, Metropia's staff couldn't see the year end without thanking the many people who make our startup possible. That's why we're throwing a Gratitude Party this week.

We've invited our awesome neighbors, our loyal users, our dear partners, and our beloved community members to join us for some Pinup Pastries' cupcakes and other delicious refreshments. The festivities will take place this Friday, December 11, starting at 3:00 p.m. in the Metropia office, 1790 E. River Road #140, Tucson, AZ, 86718.

Gratitude is a concept that gets thrown around a lot in our culture. The idea of being thankful for what we have and of giving thanks is one that many people seek to cultivate in a society that has long been seen as greedy and consumptive.

As a startup that seeks to help our community and improve peoples' lives while at the same time fostering development and saving resources, we understand the idea of giving thanks all too well. After all, where would we be without those who we seek to serve?

Metropia wouldn't be possible without our many users, who decided to download our app and support us through thick and thin. Our company also wouldn't be possible without our community partners, who have joined with us and given our users a reason to get the most out of Metropia as they move around town.

Our broader community here in Tucson is the reason why we exist--to improve all of our quality of life through better future planning, improved commutes and less congested streets. Whether you are our neighbors in offices, nearby homes, or even The University of Arizona campus, you are our reason for being.

We can't express our gratitude enough, but we can put on a party to approximate the feeling. Stop by and let us thank you for your support, eat a cupcake, and give us ideas for the future; we'll network, share stories, and flat-out get to know one another.  

Our new year's resolution as we head into 2016 is to better get to know our neighbors, both in our building and throughout our town. This is one way we plan to do so--with gratitude.