Calling all carpoolers: An estimated 500,000 Houstonians lost their vehicles to Hurricane Harvey, and they NEED YOUR HELP. Our city’s recovery will heavily rely on the generosity of our fellow Houstonians to lend a helping hand, and one critical area where you can make a huge impact is in sharing a ride with someone in need.

Many of our friends, neighbors, coworkers, and classmates have been left stranded without access to reliable transportation, and now there’s an easy way to match with a carpool driver or passenger in your area.

Visit http://houston-riding.metropia.com to sign up as a passenger in need of a ride or a driver happy to share one, and enter your starting location, departure time, and destination into the site. Behind the scenes, Metropia’s complex matching system will work to pair you with a nearby driver or passenger with a common destination and travel time, and we’ll introduce the two of you by email for the purposes of forming a carpool.

You may end up sharing a ride with someone you know or with a new friend, but with each ride we’ll be travelling down the road to recovery together.