Congratulations! Austin & Tucson plant 200 trees for #EarthWeek


Last week we sent out the #EarthWeek Challenge and the cities of Austin and Tucson responded! By using the Metropia app to save time on five or more commutes last week, our users helped us reach our goals of planting 100 additional trees per city through our partnership with American Forests.

To date, Austin’s Metropia users have offset 9,335 pounds of CO2, saved 307 hours (18,419 minutes) on their commute, and redeemed 230 rewards. Austinites also helped us exceed our 100 tree goal for a total of over 175 trees and counting.

Cutting drive times and CO2 with Metropia has also been a great success in Tucson, where users have offset 6,440 pounds of CO2, cut 241 hours (14,454 minutes) of drive time, and redeemed 67 rewards. Though Metropia’s Tucson launch is still underway, our message and goals have clearly resonated with Tucsonans, who have helped us plant 123 trees so far.

In case you missed it, the Earth Day festivals were a celebration of all things eco-friendly, with exhibits, activities, and alt-fuel vehicles. Community participants were on hand to inform citizens about air quality, water conservation/harvesting, renewable energy, wildlife conservation, land conservation, recycling, native plants, alternative modes of transportation and other eco-minded themes. We also want to send out a special thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and took a photo with us!

As you make your daily commutes, Metropia is here to help you:

  • Cut your drive time and get where you’re going faster
  • Reduce traffic flows at critical times and places throughout the day
  • Reduce CO2 output and help keep our cities green
  • And reward you in the process!

With each drive, our users can collect points, which are then redeemable on rewards—like gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Target and more. With subtle tweaks to your driving habits—the times you drive and the routes you take—you can collect points much faster, and of course plant more trees.

Using Metropia is easy! All you need to do is download the Metropia App in Google Play or The Apple App Store, enter your starting point and destination, and you’re on your way! Whether it's for your daily commute or a new adventure, Metropia will take you down the fastest path possible.

So spread the word and get your friends involved in driving a better city!