Computer data centers on a green field.

Every year, businesses roll out their shiniest, sleekest, high-tech toys at conventions and technology events around the world. For the past few years, all that gleaming, glowing new technology has been rapidly incorporating one common theme: green, renewable, and sustainable technology.

There are a great many pieces of technology on the horizon that are truly exciting, from cars to solar panels, but these eight brilliant and electrifying technologies can lead the way to producing some major changes in how we all commute, eat, work, and live in the years to come.

MADCAT Flapless Aircraft Wings

The impact of carbon pollution has had on the environment has sent transportation authorities around the world scrambling to find workable solutions to reduce the impact while still allowing us to travel with the frequency we have become accustomed to. Enter the MADCAT flapless aircraft wings, the flexible, aerodynamic wings that are similar to birds’ wings.

Wings like these are being designed to reduce the overall weight of commercial aircrafts, which will reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by half.

Green Data Centers

Our tech-driven world cannot exist as it is without tremendous data warehouse centers, and as businesses become increasingly reliant of storage centers, the strain on resources takes its toll on the power.

Over the past six years, outages have been costing businesses time away from their IT centers, which has led to emerging green data centers that are not only sustainable, but also have greater energy efficiency and have shown a reduction in power failures when compared to the older models. Get ready to see many data centers transition from to green centers.

Electric Helicopters

Did you know that average helicopters burn 500 pounds of fuel an hour and are responsible for a whole lot of carbon emissions? Thanks to GeoStar and Sirius satellite radio founder Martine Rothblatt, who sought a better way to transport organs from hospital to hospital, we can look forward to smaller, electric helicopters in the near future.

Rothblatt, adding helicopter pilot to her long list of jobs, designed the copters to run on lithium-ion batteries which are rechargeable and have no emissions, yet are still fully capable of making typical helicopter flights. Though they are still a work in progress, they are already showing great potential.

Truly Green Greenhouses

BrightFarms, a tech startup making big waves, is on a mission to bring locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables to everyone, no matter where they live. BrightFarms’ goal is to eliminate the need to haul produce thousands of miles (and in many cases, overseas) just to make it to your grocery store.

The greenhouses use renewable water and solar power combined with high tech gadgetry, which translates into cleaner, greener grow houses that are capable of producing enough veggies to supply local grocery stores. BrightFarms CEO Paul Lightfoot has fixed his focus on metropolitan areas, and though their current crops at their three greenhouses are greens and tomatoes, they will soon be branching into a variety of other fruits and vegetables as they open new greenhouses around the country.