5 Apps to Simplify Your Day-to-Day Life

We here at Metropia are all about mobile apps that ease those daily unnecessary stresses. Whether it’s your poor sleep cycle, troublesome eating habits, torturous commute, or busy-mindedness in general - there does actually appear to be an app for that.

We’ve collected our top 5 favorite mobile apps for getting de-cluttered and de-stressed, and here they are in no particular order of favoritism:

1. Sleep Cycle (iPhone & Android)
Sleep Cycle allows for some excellent detective work when you’re trying to find the culprit for that ongoing sluggish feeling you can’t seem to shake. When you’re sure you slept a decent amount of hours but can’t seem to feel recharged.

Sleep Cycle is an alarm clock app, but instead of following old routines it aims to create great new habits to leave you waking up refreshed. The app tracks your sleep patterns by analyzing your movements and wakes you during light sleep, so that you awake naturally rested instead of being startled awake.

Imagine that waking-up-whenever-you-want-on-the-weekend-with-no-reason-to-rush sort of sleep every day of the week. Yes, it is achievable.

$4.99 for iPhone, $2.99 for Android

2. MINDBODY Connect (iPhone & Android)
For those who tend to chant “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve” when it comes to taking care of their body, MINDBODY Connect is an excellent solution.

This app will indicate when and where to find a great workout, get your hair freshly trimmed, or get that much needed massage.

MINDBODY will show you what’s nearby, allow you to add locations to your local favorites, and provide openings in the business’ schedule. You can even add your payment information to make paying for classes and appointments even simpler.

Whether your availability is predominantly in the morning, the evening, or all over the place, MINDBODY Connect acts as your compass for finding an enjoyable escape close to where you are.

Free for iPhone & Android

3. ShopWell (iPhone & Android)
ShopWell is your first line of defense against bad or simply less-than-optimum eating habits.

The app is a food scanner that provides personalized food scores for each user according to what their body needs. For example, the app takes into consideration if a user has allergies, is training particularly hard, or needs to eat for heart health or diabetes.

Once you’re at the grocery store with your list, the app can begin suggesting similar products with higher scores, so you are always buying what’s best for your body and your goals.

There’s little excuse for those mid-day potato chips or syrupy sweet drinks with expert nutritional advice at your finger tips. Why not scan the food items you like to find something similar but healthier? You might just find a new favorite that’s more sustainable for your body.

Free for iPhone & Android

4. The Mindfulness App
Sure, you may not consider yourself a particularly “mindful” person who’d benefit from sitting to yourself in relative silence, but you’d be surprised. With all of the rustling, chatting, and devices ringing out, it does the body a whole lot of good to take a break from it all for a moment.

The Mindfulness App is clean and simple in its approach to guided meditation. Whether you’d prefer 3 or 30 minutes, there are sessions available for all levels of commitment. The app even allows you to personalize your session and reminds you when it’s time to meditate so you can start to develop a pattern.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and the files you enjoy, the app even works offline - so you can truly meditate from wherever you are! Nice.

$2.99 for iPhone, $1.99 for Android

5. Metropia App (iPhone & Android)
You knew we were going to say it! This one app gets you where you need to go faster, allows for excellent rewards, and improves traffic flow for your whole city when you use it - a surefire way to reduce stress and simplify your day.

The Metropia App reduces CO2 emissions and saves you time by discouraging users from driving congested routes during peak hours. And for your effort you can earn giftcards to big names like Amazon and Target or even awesome local partners in your city.

Message friends, colleagues and loved ones your trip details with OnMyWay, receive suggestions for your desired destination so you don’t have to type them out with Destination Prediction, or save all the places you love to go to with cool icons using Favorites. Metropia is constantly improving and adding on great new features.

Free for iPhone and Android; currently available in Austin, TX and Tucson, AZ.