Metropia’s Pioneer Program keeps more than a ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere

Have you signed up for Metropia’s Pioneer Program yet? More than 500 drivers in the El Paso region are already have. They’re having a huge impact and helping Drive a Better El Paso.

How huge? It’s an impact we can measure in tons!

In fact, Metropia drivers have already kept more than a ton of CO2 from being released into our atmosphere. They’ve logged 21,130 miles using Metropia since the next-generation transportation app was launched less than a month ago. Drivers have saved a total of 60 hours which would have otherwise been wasted in traffic. By participating in the Pioneer Program they’re also helping improve the app’s functionality meaning the travel time prediction and routing will be enhanced as more people use it.

The reward of not sitting in traffic is pretty exciting. But, Metropia offers plenty of other rewards for you — and the planet.


Thinking about getting around on your bike more often? Of course, most drivers will still climb in their cars rather than show up to a destination drenched from a downpour of rain, but these days biking is a common choice for alternative transportation under great conditions.

One plus side is that if you choose biking frequently you can reduce your car insurance policy to pay-as-you-go, and your fuel savings will astound you, as will your eventual bad-to-the-bone quads and calf muscles.

But if you choose two wheels to get around, there may be some details to bicycle upkeep that many everyday riders may not be aware of. Like a car, even the best quality bicycle will not endure hundreds of miles without checkups, tune ups and other maintenance. Check out these tips for keeping your bicycle road-worthy when you make trips around town:

Keep the moving parts...

For 22 years, Tucson has hosted the Earth Day festival, a gesture to represent an environmentally conscious community. The festival is chock full of fun for all ages and provides a connecting experience that brings families, friends and community closer as a united front to responsibly care for our planet.

But the hope is that environmental consciousness goes beyond one day of the year. The effort to make Tucson a green city is a collective effort that is achieved by educating residents of their options and everyday ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. That’s where Tucson’s Earth Day festival can play a big role.

Leading by example is an effective way to get any message out to your audience. Therefore, festival vendors will only carry environmentally-friendly products and everyone involved can learn about ideas such as how to properly dispose of household wastes,...

There’s still time to join Metropia’s Pioneer Program

After a successful launch of Metropia’s Pioneer Program on February 25, hundreds of drivers from across the El Paso region have signed-up and are already helping Drive a Better El Paso.

If you’ve not signed up, we’ve got good news! You can still sign-up for the Pioneer Program by clicking here.

So, what makes Metropia different? It’s a question we get asked a lot!

Unlike other travel transportation apps, Metropia suggests the best routes and the best times to leave so you can avoid congestion. But Metropia goes further — connecting to our community in a way that no other transportation app can. By signing up, you can cut your CO2 emissions, save time and fuel, earn rewards from cool local businesses and even contribute to reforestation efforts.

Metropia’s launch in El Paso is a joint project of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), the Camino...

TUCSON - Wildcat fans, do you have traffic troubles or parking problems for every home game? Well, there is an app that has been developed in Tucson called "Metropia" that may solve this issue.

The University of Arizona Parking and Transportation Services is working with Metropia to help Wildcat fans find available parking spaces and navigate traffic before big games.

"We worked with University of Arizona for about three months and we saw that they need help with parking, especially with special we partnered with them and we created a new feature in our app. You can plan your trip and see all of the parking lots around the area. We also have operation monitors and stuff going around checking which lots are full and which ones are empty, so you only get empty lots ideally and that way you can plan it ahead," said Mario Salomon, director of product operations...

Today’s kids are exposed to the concept of environmentally friendly living more than previous generations. Connecting with others in just seconds over the Internet and the idea of being united with the entire globe plays a part in reinforcing the realization that existence and the condition of our planet spans much further than America, a state, county, or neighborhood. For much of Gen X and before, the science of ecology was reserved for the experts, but today the facts have been translated mercifully for lay populations.

We often focus on paving the way to a better future for our children, but we are also responsible for passing on our knowledge like a legacy. You can establish eco-friendly habits in your children from the beginning, letting them know that their small part makes a big difference to the whole and that living green can be fun! If you are unfamiliar with some...

Autonomous vehicles are touted as one of the major factors that will change how America gets around. They are the dream of progressives when it comes to technology and driving. The hope is to make driving safer by building more computerized vehicles with sensors that detect objects in a vehicle’s surroundings, approaching lights and designated speeds for an area when routes are clear. Cutting out distracted drivers would indeed improve driver safety on the roadways.

But as much as the dreamers want to dream, not everyone is biting onto the idea of owning a vehicle that drives them. Most drivers still want to be in total control of what they drive, so it’s not likely that autonomous vehicles will be widespread in popularity, particularly amongst drivers of pre-millennial age. Many remaining members of the baby boom era still see it as just another new-fangled gadget presenting...

Tucson Festival of Books & Metropia Parking 2016

The Tucson Festival of Books takes place on March 12th and 13th on the University of Arizona campus, and while the entire community is thrilled about this annual assembly of desert bibliophiles, impending traffic congestion seems sure to follow.
Supported by partnerships with UA Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) and Pima Association of Governments, homegrown traffic solution app, Metropia, is determined to alleviate gridlock by getting attendees to and from the festival with less fuss.

The Metropia app will display paid, unpaid, and disabled parking lot icons during the festival. App users will be able to select a specific available parking lot as their new destination, thus...

As a driver, it’s likely that you’ve heard of telematics in some form or another, even if you didn’t know what it is. It’s a branch of information technology that is concerned with GPS systems, some mobile communications and long distance transmission of computerized information. For your car, it essentially functions as a black box, and automobiles produced after 1995 were mandated to contain a telematics system.

Your auto insurer can use your car’s telematics system to plug in and monitor your driving habits when you sign up for their safe driver’s reward program (if available) and install their device into your car’s computer. Well-behaved drivers are rewarded for safe habits such as making complete stops when necessary, keeping speed limits and performing soft braking and smooth, controlled turns.

The same sensible driving habits also help clean up the air!...

With global warming and air quality being a prevalent topic in the news over the past several years, cities and townships all over the U.S. are aiming more focus toward cleaning up their act in terms of industrial practices, transit options and educating their populations on cleaner air policies.

Increasingly, cities are incorporating bike lanes into their traffic flow and supporting cleaner burning mass transit methods. Taxis are turning green and technology has a significant role in the clean air movement by enabling us to gather and analyze data pertaining to travel patterns, benefitting city leadership in decisions to improve outdated infrastructures that no longer support the size of their city’s population.

NYC, notorious for crowding, does a remarkable job in keeping its air quality up to par. The city’s 2015 census reveals that more than 8 million people inhabit...