Who says there's no such thing as a free ride?

Adaptive Mobility with Reliability and Efficiency (AMORE) is launching a pilot program grant-funded by the Regional Transportation Authority intended to increase affordable transportation options throughout the region.

Residents of Rita Ranch and Civano neighborhoods and the Vail community are eligible to participate in the pilot program of the ride service.

Beginning on June 26th, pilot participants will have exclusive access to FREE transit-hailing service for the next three months in preparation for a full launch in September 2018.

Transit-hailing trips are scheduled in advance through a smartphone app. A driver will be assigned to pick you up and take you to your destination, and if another passenger is found heading in the same direction, you may be paired up for the ride.

The service will be...

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Tucson, Arizona. In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to:

Revenue potential
Leadership team
Brand/product traction
Competitive landscape
Additionally, all companies must be independent (un-acquired), privately owned, at most 10 years old, and have received at least one round of funding in order to qualify.

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1. Vector Space

Founded: 2016

“Space need not be the realm of the elite, and privileged few any longer. Vector was founded to break down those barriers by developing a platform to provide low cost, and reliable access to orbit. Vector allows our customers to focus on space applications and building companies around their...

If you want to get a bunch of Texans with not much in common to agree on something, try bringing up traffic. All across the state, in cities big and not as big, most people agree the daily commute is a drag.

For thousands along the El Paso-Juarez border, that commute to work or school involves crossing an international boundary. Right now it’s a process that can sometimes take several hours. A new partnership between the City of El Paso and the tech company Metropia is trying to get things moving more quickly.

On a bright, breezy morning, cars line up to cross to the Paso Del Norte International Bridge from Ciudad Juarez into El Paso. Vendors weave through the traffic, selling fresh churros, cold water and plastic toy guitars. One man plays scattered notes on a saxophone, hopeful a bored driver will beckon him and pay for a performance.

Andoni Eugui, who is 22-...

ITS Texas logo

In the September issue of its quarterly newsletter, the Texas chapter of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America--ITS Texas--featured the El Paso Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) District's deployment of Metropia to address system demand.

In partnership with the City of El Paso, Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority and El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization, El Paso TxDOT helped launch Metropia in the region to address system demand and enhance performance measure reporting. Metropia’s deployment provides the agency with powerful real-time data without the expense of installing devices on every corridor or the delay of traditional traffic studies.

Organizations such as El Paso TxDOT, El Paso MPO and CRRMA could apply data acquired from Metropia users to transportation planning, design, construction, and...

Metropia Movement

Metropia’s platform, powered by proprietary algorithms, data analytics and behavioral economics, provides a multidimensional demand management framework (route, departure time and mode) to support transportation system congestion-management strategies and policies.


Tomorrow's Dynamic Traffic Assignment Platform Available Now: DynusT/DynuStudio 2.0
Metropia, Inc., in partnership with RST International, announces the release of the DynusT/DynuStudio 2.0 platform to support transportation professionals, educators and students in addressing emerging transportation...

Wildcats fans can find real-time parking before heading to campus

In their growing effort to reduce on campus congestion and enhance the gameday experience for UA football fans, Metropia is once again working with University of Arizona Parking and Transportation Services (UA PTS) to make arriving at the stadium easier than ever.

Rather than circling campus searching for a spot, drivers can choose their ideal lot in the Metropia app before heading to campus. App users can see which lots have available parking in real-time and choose the perfect lot based on...

UC Berkeley

Berkeley, CA – Metropia, Inc.’s Founder and CEO Dr. Yi-Chang Chiu will join other transportation experts as a presenter in a two-day workshop called, “Designing Innovative Transportation Systems Solutions: Starting with Data”, to be held at the University of California at Berkeley’s Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing in May.

Hosted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California at Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies, the workshop will bring together leaders from government, academia, and transportation industries with a shared goal of exploring “future scenarios that integrate emerging transportation solutions, their estimated population acceptance, the impact on mobility patterns and the consequent grid requirements as well as energy use and dependence on fossil fuels.”

Conversations will focus on the rapidly evolving...

 Transportation tech company Metropia joins El Paso’s innovation economy, formally launching El Paso Ecosystem with mobile platform, mobility symposium

EL PASO, Texas — We can solve El Paso’s growing traffic troubles, but only if we all work together.

That’s the simple idea behind Metropia, a transportation technology company which is launching its full platform of tools today in the Paso del Norte Region. Among those tools is the consumer-facing Metropia mobile app, which can be downloaded for free by smartphone users.

Metropia collaborates with area transportation experts, regional planning agencies and community stakeholders to create meaningful change by serving as the only single-source platform to share data with our entire community. Metropia’s team of traffic engineers and regional experts monitor the latest traffic conditions and construction closures from their new real-time traffic management center at the Hub of Human Innovation in Downtown El Paso.  

After months of testing, Metropia’s...

Metropia Teams Up with University of Arizona Athletics and Parking & Transportation Services to Help All You Wildcat Fans to the Games Without the Hassle!

TUCSON, Ariz. (September 8, 2016) – Metropia and the University of Arizona Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) are teaming up to make UA Football game day parking faster and easier.

Football fans attending UA home games this season can use the FREE Metropia App to see, in real-time, which lots have available parking before leaving for the stadium. On game day, the app will display campus parking options and current capacity levels for each garage and lot. Fans simply choose the lot they want and the time they plan to leave for the game, and the Metropia app guides them to the best parking spaces while avoiding the heaviest traffic

Metropia’s real-time parking map goes live for the Wildcats’ first home game this Saturday, Sept. 10. Come gameday, the locations of parking garages, parking costs, and their current capacity level...

Smartphone Apps: The Future of the Transportation Sector

Reducing the output of CO2, saving drivers’ time, and mitigating traffic are just a few of the benefits that smartphone applications like Metropia can lend to the transportation sector. Federal agencies are starting to recognize the trend in smartphone apps that attempt to tackle some of the biggest problems and annoyances that drivers are facing on the roads today.

Some more conservative cities like Phoenix MPO are very hesitant to adopt the use of a traffic application, but a new report out by the Federal Highway Administration is likely to sway their opinion.

It’s time to catch up. The future of the country’s transportation sector lies in smartphone applications.

The FWHA report “Smartphone Applications to Influence Travel Choices: Practices and Policies,” is a ninety-page primer on the practices and policies currently happening in the world...